Doppelgänger is a fan comic made for the show Danny Phantom. It is set in an alternate universe where the Disasteroid never threatened Earth (see: Phantom Planet) and both Danny and Vlad’s half-ghost identities remained hidden. It takes place after Dan makes a return, seeking revenge on Danny for imprisoning him. Once defeated by the young Danny Phantom a second time, Dan finds himself spending many months under the Fentons’ careful watch, mellowing out as a result. However, after learning about an old foe’s return, Dan realizes his problems are far from gone…

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Mirrors is the story of Universe X, a universe based on the Dragon Ball series. Follow the lemurian Patoto and his friends as they meet…themselves? Timelines collide! Enemies are made! New heights are reached! What’s in store for this universe?

(Based in the Dragon Ball universe originally, but uses an original story and cast of characters!  Later chapters are in an original universe and use altered, non-Dragon Ball names and designs)

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I also have planned for more comics in the future—some are sequels to my previous comics, but I also have some in the works that are completely original!