Terms of Service

  1. All commissions must be paid upfront in PayPal or CashApp USD.  I will not begin a commission until payment is completed (having said this, I no longer accept eCheck payments because they take too long to go through).

  2. I will post all commissions with a watermark to reduce the risk of theft; if you do not want me to post your commission and want me to instead just send it to you, please specify!

  3. I will NOT share your email; I will only use it for sending you your commission and invoice

  4. I am not a machine!  please be patient; I WILL finish your commission, whether it be the same day or the week after!

  5. I have the right to decline or cancel any commission if it makes me uncomfortable or if I am unable to do it.  In the event that I cancel your commission after you have paid, you will receive a full refund.  However, in the event that you wish to cancel a commission yourself, you will not receive a refund if I have already moved into the finalization stages of the commission (lines, colors, turnaround, etc.); I will only refund half of the commission's price if you cancel after the sketch is approved.

  6. I sometimes send WIPs of the commissions and possibly stream while I work to both help me focus and also to make sure things are looking alright with your commission; if you have any issues with this, please tell me!

  7. I will send a watermarked and unwatermarked version of your commission (excluding icons).  ONLY POST THE WATERMARKED VERSION IF YOU PLAN ON REPOSTING IT–this is to prevent illegal usage and theft!  The exception to this is for toyhou.se, but please credit my toyhou.se (Raditz) for the art! In addition, I'd appreciate if you simply reblogged/retweeted your commission instead of reposting it, except on websites where I do not post such as instagram

  8. You may NOT reproduce the commissioned work for monetary gain in any way, shape, or form (THIS INCLUDES NFTS)


I have a few rules to keep in mind while you decide what you want to commission:


  • You may order as many slots as you want!

  • I take these on a first-come-first-served basis! If your slot is before someone else's but they pay first, I will work on their commission first!

  • I work fast, but sometimes things come up and I don't get to work on commissions for longer than I had planned. Please be patient! My commissions shouldn't take longer than a week at most under normal circumstances, but if something comes up they could take longer!


Things I will do:


  • furries

  • humanoids

  • animals

  • canon characters

  • refs from 3D models or real photos

  • certain other requests; please ask!


Things I will NOT do:


  • general nasty things. use your best judgement

  • nazis/nazi imagery/racist caricatures/etc. characters that promote harmful or bigoted views

  • genderbends (I'm just not personally comfortable with these, sorry)

  • ships I'm uncomfortable with

  • mechas/armored characters (UNLESS the armor/tech is simple and cartoony, like Skulker or Fright Knight; also possible exceptions for icons; we can discuss exceptions if I really like the characters, like Junkrat)

  • gore (blood and violence is fine)

  • text-only references

If you're wondering if I will or will not do something, please ask!

To order, simply use the contact page or DM me on any of my social medias listed on my about page!